What we do ?


Identification of new druggable targets and drug candidates generation

AGV Discovery is a product-driven pharmaceutical company specialized in the discovery and early stage development of innovative medicines in oncology. Medical research within the company is focused on identifying new druggable therapeutic targets, considered today as a priority for the treatment of aggressive cancers. Thanks to powerful tools such as crystallography and computerized computational drug design, the company develops series of active molecules on these new targets of interest using the so-called Fragment Based Drug Design techniques. AGV Discovery leads its drug discovery projects up to the regulatory phases by combining its knowledge in drug design, medicinal chemistry, translational research and early ADME Tox then in collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies for further development.

ERK inhibitors for the treatment of advanced cancers

Through Fragment Based Drug Design approaches, AGV Discovery identified a few years ago potent and selective inhibitors of ERK protein kinases, targets highly involved in carcinogenesis and tumor recovery processes. As a result of strong in vitro and in vivo proofs of concept, the company has continued to develop its best drug candidates and should offer, in the coming years, new therapeutic options for advanced cancers with deregulation of the MAPK pathway. This program is currently developed under a global collaboration agreement with the major pharmaceutical company IPSEN.



Even more innovative projects

Following a first major success with ERK inhibitors program, AGV Discovery exploits this experience to develop new innovative projects in oncology. The company works closely with Montpellier Research Centers on subjects of high interest such as the development of cancer stem cells or circulating tumor cells in advanced colorectal cancers. Nowadays, the company’s pipeline consists of 3 projects where 2 of them are still in early stages. Several other projects are under study and selection that will strengthen the pipeline in the next years.

The management team

Cédric Boriès

President, CEO
& Co-Founder

With more than 19 years of experience in pharmaceutical chemistry and 3 companies created in the development of drug candidates, Cédric Boriès has solid skills in the creation and management of start-up in the oncology field. Currently, he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer within the company.

Jean-François Guichou

CSO & Co-Founder

Professor at the University of Montpellier for nearly 18 years, Jean Francois Guichou is specialized in crystallogenesis techniques, modeling and drug design. He is the instigator of the company’s ERK inhibitors project and continues to develop innovative conception strategies within the company, where he holds today the position of Chief Scientific Officer.

Clément Geoffroy

Logistics management & Co-Founder

With more than 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical chemistry, Clément Geoffroy has solid skills in setting up and managing science laboratories. Passed by several start-ups before, he joined AGV Discovery from its creation in 2013. He is today responsible for the company logistics.

Frans Trouwen

Business Development and Corporate Strategy

Through Liberi Group, its Founder and Chairman of the Board, Frans Trouwen is currently responsible for Business Development for the company and participates in the development of the global financial and operational strategy. Frans Trouwen has an excellent experience in licensing and co-development agreements as well as investment search in the pharmaceutical area.


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